Peninsula Hotel Receives 14 Rolls Royce Phantoms for Guest Perks

Thankfully you can’t smoke in thes cars.

The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong has been shuttling guests to and from the airport and around town in Rolls-Royce automobiles since 1970. The Peninsula outdid itself, taking delivery of fourteen long-wheelbase Phantoms built to custom specifications through RR’s Bespoke program.

Each car is finished in Brewster Green with a tan stripe, and has been customized with Bespoke features such as Peninsula Hotel sill plates, an enlarged trunk, a coolbox to store chilled towels, compartments for used towels in the doors, MP3 jacks for the rear seats, relocated rear-seat climate controls, repositioned and enhanced lighting, and even “No Smoking” plaques. Those (and more) are in addition to the already-opulent standard equipment list that includes 12″ LCD screens in the rear seat snack trays, a high-end 420-watt sound system, privacy curtains, and the Great Intangibles: that signature grille and the iconic flying lady on the hood.

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