Fabio Wrecks Ferrari Belonging to World Class Driving

Italian model Fabio Lanzoni recently made headlines when he wrecked a red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – which didn’t even belong to him.  The car belonged to World Class Driving, a company that specializes in unique driving experiences similar to automotive dream tours.

Famous for his long hair and muscled body, Fabio has posed for dozens of advertisements and romance novel covers.  He was unhurt in the crash, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Ferrari.  The car sustained significant damage, especially on the right side.

Fabio and his two nephews

Image licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike and Attribution Only license. Image of Fabio and his nephews from Wikipedia.

Reportedly, Fabio screamed, “I have no brakes!” immediately before crashing the exotic car.  However, a representative for World Class Driving apparently denied a brake malfunction and said that the onboard computer logs all crash data.  The information from the car’s black box has yet to be revealed.

When asked about the crash, a representative for World Class Driving told TMZ, “No comment. We are not very proud of the fact that Fabio wrecked our car.”

World Class Driving is a Delaware-based company that allows participants to drive five amazing cars in a single day.  The tours take place in the LA area and are similar to Drive Your Dream Tours, which gives participants a chance to drive and compare some of the most impressive exotic vehicles in Texas.

red ferrari

Red Ferrari 599 GTB photo by Chris Watson and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only. See more of the exotic car photography of Chris Watson on Flickr.

The website for World Class Driving lists the Ferrari as being worth $400,000.  Fabio’s representative reportedly claimed the car, a red Ferrari 599, was worth about $300,000.  Either way, repairing the car is expected to be costly.

Expensive repairs are one of the reasons many people join exotic car clubs.  As a member of an exotic car sharing club, you can drive a Ferrari without having to worry about finding a qualified mechanic, getting expensive exotic car insurance, or finding a place to store your exotic vehicle.

Exotic car rental is also a great option if you’re interested in driving a Ferrari without the hassle and expense of owning it.  With exotic car rental, you can rent a Ferrari for a special event like a wedding, birthday, or special night out.  Exotic car rental and automotive dream tours are popular bachelor party activities as well.

TMZ claims that Fabio’s accident resulted from taking a turn at high speed.  The article reports that the model lost control of the vehicle and skidded off the road.  Fabio continues to blame the accident on a brake failure.

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