Electric Cars Receive a Boost of Support from the UK

As the global recession continues to put additional stress on the already-ailing auto industry, many automakers are turning to electric cars as the future of automotive technology.  And the UK is getting behind them.  The British government is offering subsidies for purchasers of electric vehicles.

Although it might not be as much fun to drive an electric car as it is to drive a Bentley Continental, the UK is hoping to make electric cars an option for regular people.  And driving an electric car for your weekly commute can make it possible for you to rent a Bentley for the weekend.

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The British electric car subsidy will provide between $3,000 and $7,500 to those who purchase electric cars.  Some hybrid vehicles will also be included in the incentive program.  The subsidies will begin in 2011.

Many automakers and automotive industry analysts consider electric cars the way of the future.  As gas prices soared last year, drivers began to question the idea of driving gas-guzzling vehicles for their daily commutes.  Gone are the days of driving huge SUVs to work.

Now, with the popularity of hybrids on the rise, many people are hoping to see electric vehicles on the roads in the near future.  Currently, the electric auto industry is still in its infancy, and most models are not exactly practical for the regular user.

The UK is hoping to change that with the incentives.  While currently only 0.1% of British cars are electric, the goal of the subsidies is to expand the use of these vehicles.  And as technological advantages make electric cars more practical for everyday use, the growth of the industry seems likely.

Concerns about the environment may be partially responsible for a sharp decline in sales of exotic cars.  Owning an exotic vehicle and driving an exotic car for your daily commute can mean a lot of expensive gas and harmful emissions.  Instead, many exotic car fans are turning to exotic car sharing clubs.

With exotic car sharing clubs, exotic car enthusiasts can drive their dream cars without the hassle of owning them.  There are no maintenance surprises and no worries about depreciation.  Because the cars aren’t driven for a daily commute, exotic car sharing clubs are a greener alternative to exotic car ownership.

While owning an electric car for the daily commute may still be several years in the future, there’s no doubt fuel efficiency is important.  But exotic car fans can still have the best of both worlds:  they can drive a fuel-efficient commuter car and rent a convertible on the weekend.

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