Dallas Private Jet Firm Upbeat about Business

This economy may be the worst anyone remembers, but the downtown isn’t discouraging to some local business owners.  When it comes to private aviation, this economy may represent a chance for exceptional growth.  An article in the Dallas Morning News featured one Dallas business owner.

Private aviation has been hammered by the recession, but some signs indicate things may be improving for the niche industry.  However, that doesn’t discourage Brent Carreker.  His new private aviation business at Dallas Love Field allows high flyers to purchase travel cards good for a set number of hours on turboprops, small or mid-sized business jets.

“The timing couldn’t be any better for us,” Carreker says.  “There are a lot of people who like to fly, and there are a lot of people that will always fly.”

Carreker’s business, Jet Linx Texas (http://www.jetlinx.com), hopes to stand out with its refundable travel cards and personal attention to the needs of its customers.  In markets where competition for the jet traveler is more intense, having memorably excellent service can be a key to survival.

Carreker also hopes his personal connections will help. “My parents have lived in the Park Cities for years and years and years, know the right kind of people if you’re going to get into the jet aviation business,” Carreker says.

“Our perfect customer would be an individual who is the head of either a corporation that cannot own a private jet, doesn’t want the publicity of owning a private plane and flies 25 to 30 hours a month,” observed Carreker.

Lamborghini at Dallas car sharing club image

Ron Sturgeon, owner of a Fort Worth TX exotic car sharing club and DFW luxury car rental business sees similar potential for growth for companies that deliver flexible, first-class service. “For those who want the convenience of jet travel without the costs of ownership, Jet Linx is a fantastic concept,” he says.

Hummer H2 Rentals in DFW

Dallas Car Sharing Club Offers First Class Ground Transportation

“DFW Elite Car Club.com (http://www.dfwelitecarclub.com) has been offering a similar service to DFW exotic car enthusiasts who want ground transportation in the best cars in the world without paying thousands for maintenance, insurance, or for secure climate controlled Ft Worth car storage,” says Sturgeon.

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