Celebration of Sleek Design: Macworld Expo 2009

For fans of Apple products, the New Year doesn’t really begin until the Macworld Expo is underway. This year’s conference begins January 5 and continues through January 9, featuring a celebration of Apple Macintosh products, as well as many other interesting exhibits. The 2009 Macworld Expo will be held in San Francisco.

PCs, Vista lovers, and Zune users not welcome. Only the kids with cool toys get in!

This year’s Macworld Expo offers some exceptional exhibits:

  • Digital Photography Experience: Conference attendees will learn to take better digital photos, use new and existing editing technology to improve digital photos, and experience the latest printing equipment for digital photos. The Digital Photography Experience begins on Tuesday.
  • Digital Art Gallery: After learning how to improve their digital photography skills, many Mac users enjoy visiting the Digital Art Gallery. Digital artists submitted work for a chance to exhibit during the Expo. A select few pieces were chosen for display, and those pieces will be at the Digital Art Gallery. 
  • John Lennon Educational Tour Bus: Another fun exhibit at the Macworld Expo is the John Lennon Education Tour Bus. This is a mobile multimedia studio, allowing users to create digital art, record music, and experience hands-on learning for free. 
  • Macworld Music Studio: For those who love to record and edit music in a digital format, this exhibit is sure to offer plenty of helpful information and exciting new software demos. Users will see how to use their Macs to create music, while also learning about the music business.
  • Macworld Learning Center: This exhibit features classes on getting the most out of Apple technology. Mac users of all skill levels can learn new tips and tricks to be more productive.

These and many other exciting exhibits can be found at this year’s Macworld Expo. “Apple has done a remarkable job in making technology easy to use and appealing,” said DFW Elite Auto Rental GM Tom Warren. “Apple customers are fanatical about Apple products,” said the Dallas exotic car rental executive.

“The extend to which Apple sets the standard for digital is clear by the number of the luxury cars that come standard with I-pod connectivity, a feature which certainly adds to the exotic car driving experience for MacWorld Expo attendees,” said Warren.

Kate Miller-Wilson is a freelance writer living in the Twin Cities. Visit her website or email her for information about her freelance writing services.

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