Can Porsche Build 50,000 More Cars without Losing Exclusivity

There is an excellent article about the Porsche-VW merger by Jack Ewing of the New York Times that poses this question and many other good ones about the merger.

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Do you think the merger will turn out to be a good thing for Porsche? Do you share the attitude of Jim Hearndon, vice chair of the Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club of Great Britain, that “anything that means they [Porsche] survive is good.”

Did they really have a choice?

I hope that Porsche will stay true to its roots and experience the same kind of success that Lamborghini has had as part of VW.

That is going to be a little trickier for Porsche because it was already making 100,000 cars a year, as opposed to the handful that Lamborghini was making at the time it was acquired.

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