Asteroid TU24 is Gone, But Stargazing Opportunities Still Exist

Once in a generation, an asteroid passes as close to Earth as the TU24 Asteroid did last night.  The skyscraper-sized asteroid passed Earth at a distance of about 334,000 miles, or about 1.4 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.  The next time an asteroid will come so close to Earth is in 2027, and scientists hope to observe the TU24 Asteroid for some clues about the 2027 Asteroid.

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According to the Times Online, “Asteroid 2007 TU24 was only discovered on October 11 last year by the Nasa-sponsored Catalina Sky Survey at Arizona University. It is of an estimated 7,000 near-Earth objects.” 

There is some concern among Internet pundits about the electromagnetic disturbances caused by the passing asteroids.  The website carries the tagline, “For as long as TU24 is near Earth’s magnetosphere there is a possibility of disturbance. This website is not (and was never) about impact. If you’re wondering why “nothing happened” you’re counting your chickens too soon.” goes on to explain the concern in greater detail:  “Although the chances of a direct impact are nearly non-existent, there is a much greater chance that there will be a degree of electromagnetic interference as TU24 traverses Earth’s magnetosphere in the manner of Tunguska 100 years ago.”  The Tunguska Event, an explosion that occurred in Siberia in1908, is believed to be the result of an asteroid passing 3-4 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Impact was never a concern for the TU24 Asteroid.


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