2009 Gumball Rally Rolls into Dallas, TX

Fans of the 3000 mile coast-to-coast Gumball Rally in Dallas clustered around the W to catch a peak of some of the exotic cars driven by participants of this year’s rolling party serious road race.

Skateboarder Tony Hawk, ex-Bull Dennis Rodman and his playmate teammate are just a few of the celebs that put foot to accelerator in the 2009 Gumball Rally.

Hat tip to Terry Box from the Dallas Morning News for a good column on the Gumballers visit to the W. I hope they didn’t throw any of the lobby furniture into the pool. Crazy kids.

If you catch the Gumball fever, you can follow the race at the Gumball 3000 offical website. There are also some good exotic car pics on my favorite photo sharing website. The vehicle wraps and graphics for race are done by a UK firm called Raccoon. If you’ve ever wondered what a Buggati Veyron in chrome looks like, the Raccoon guys are your kind of people.

Donkey Frog in the Gumball 3000

(Donkey Frog decked out to participate in the Gumball Rally.)

Puma is a major sponsor of the race so their Puma Motorsports also has some great images of the Gumballers in action. The race has a good page on Facebook with a huge Gumball 3000 photos from fans of the race. Tony Hawk bailed out before the race got to Dallas and a few of the Gumballers have run into smokey when they were traveling well in excess of the posted limits.

Dallas Ferrari Rentals

(Photo of Ferrari F430 interior by Josh Davis of Josh Davis Photography.)

I’m sorry that I missed the chance to see them at the W in Dallas, but maybe next year. Would love to have some pictures of the Dallas event to link to. If you’ve ever wished you could drive exotic cars like the ones in the Gumball, why not stop by Dallas TX exotic car rental company DFW Elite Auto Rental.com!

Dallas Ferrari F430 rental

(photo of Dallas Ferrari rental by Josh Davis.)

We can put you behind the wheel of a Dallas Ferrari F430 rental or a delicious Lamborghini Gallardo rental for a day, a weekend, or a week.

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